Some Quick Facts About LPG Boilers
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Some Quick Facts About LPG Boilers

In the UK, an estimated 4 million homes are not connected to the UK’s mains gas network. If you still want the benefits of gas, you may want to consider a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) boiler. At KMH Gas, we’re experienced at installing, servicing, and repairing LPG boilers, and can help with any questions you may have.

What Is an LPG Boiler?

LPG boilers are similar to standard gas boilers, although they have smaller burner jets as LPG is supplied at a higher pressure than mains gas.

LPG boilers are usually ready-built. Alternatively, an LPG conversion kit can be used to adapt your regular boiler to an LPG boiler.

LPG bulk storage tanks can be purchased or hired, and are connected to your LPG boiler through a fuel feed. Most LPG tanks hold between 1000 and 2000 litres, and are regularly refilled by tanker. LPG can also be held in portable, refillable cylinders.

What Are LPG Boilers Used For?

LPG boilers are used in the same way as mains gas. Typically, the boiler heats water which is delivered to your radiator as central heating and to your taps as hot water.

The most common LPG boilers are regular boilers and combination boilers.

Regular boilers provide direct space heating, but need to be connected to a separate hot water storage system for continuous hot water.

Combination boilers provide direct space and hot water heating. While they do offer continuous hot water, it is at a lower rate than regular boilers.

LPG combination boilers are frequently used in conjunction with portable LPG cylinders to heat motorhomes and caravans. It’s important to note that annual LPG boiler maintenance checks are often mandatory for motorhome or caravan insurance.

What Are the Most Common Problems with LPG Boilers?

Apart from ensuring they have fuel, all LPG tanks should be regularly checked for corrosion or minor leaks, and portable containers should be kept upright.

If the water pressure of your boiler regularly drops below 0.5 or rises above 2.5, there is a high chance of a leak. This should be repaired immediately, as it will only get worse.

Boiler blockages can be diagnosed through abnormal water pressure or a loss of heat or water in your central heating system. If you suspect a blockage, contact an engineer.

If your appliances or boiler starts burning a regular yellow or orange flame, it is producing carbon monoxide. In this case, contact a certified engineer immediately as carbon monoxide poses serious health risks.

LPG boilers offer all the features of gas, even if you’re not connected to mains gas. However, like all boilers, they do require quality installation, regular servicing, and occasional repair to ensure you and your family get the best from them.

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