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KMHGas are a well established boiler installation and maintenance company. We cover all elements of boiler installations and repairs across hampshire specialising in central heating installations.

Boiler Servicing

Our range of boiler installation and heating services includes:

  • Water Main Repairs
  • Boiler Installations
  • Full Central Heating Installations

We serve domestic and commercial clients with the full range of boiler installations and central heating servicing across hampshire and parts of Dorset

How old is your boiler?

If your boilers is over 15 years old then it may be that it is only around 60 per cent efficient or less (rated G in the SEDBUK* scale), this means that for every one pound spent on fuel up to 40p is wasted.

We can advise that updating your boiler to a new condensing boiler can be a simple way to reduce fuel bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home but is not a light undertaking.

We can recommend new gas condensing boilers that are all over 90% efficient and A-rated for efficiency, this means they are much better for the environment and reduce fuel bills, we can advise on the best boiler to suit your home and fit with little disruption at a competitive price..


Each type of modern boilercan deliver the benefits of high-efficiency, but which one is suitable for the differing types of homes.

There are three main types of high-efficiency condensing boiler

  • The combination or ‘Combi’
  • The system
  • The regular
‘Combi’ boilers

'Combi’ boilers or combinatio nboilers account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every yea. They work by heating your home and providing instant hot water without the requirement for a tank.

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers suit homes with traditional heating and hot water systems. Regular boilers require a separate hot water tank, which does determine just how many bathrooms can be supplied in a home.

These boilers do require more space than the other systems as they often do require an expansion tank in the loft.

System boilers

System boilers use stored water in takes which enables them to supply multiple hot taps at a time, these are ideal for larger homes.


Boiler Installation Winchester
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